About Millennium

Millennium Air Conditioning Ltd. (1998) is a leading company in the development and manufacture of solutions for air treatment in storage spaces and production lines Millennium develops various types of projects in the field of cooling, air conditioning, drying and air filtration. Production management according to ISO 9001-2008 standards, and specializes in the execution and management of special projects adapted to the customer's requirements in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors. Our company is characterized by high performance, reliability and efficiency. Our systems are integrated into many industries, including the defense industries, laboratories and clean rooms, food, electronics, archives and others. The systems are among the most advanced in the market, the result of many years of experience combined with the use of innovative and leading technologies. Millennium Air Conditioning Ltd. has a service system that supports all the company's products and customers, and has a team of engineers, technicians and service personnel who are here to respond to all the customer's requirements in different domains. 

Our products and services:

  • Drying rooms for cannabis and various industries
  • Acclimation solutions for advanced agriculture
  • Design and construction of clean rooms for industry
  • Acclimation solutions for the pharma and food industry
  • Routine service and maintenance for industrial air conditioning and cooling systems
  • Importing and marketing smart hanging solutions for industry - GRIPPLE
  • Planning and executing projects while emphasizing efficiency and energy savings
  • Design and construction of systems customized to customer requirements

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